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Explore the selection of styling products that naelle has to offer; to best help you with your haircare maintenance.

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Sold outORS Wrap Set Mousse 7oz.
BACK IN STOCKAunt Jackie's Flaxseed Soft All Over Multi Use Oil 8oz.
As I Am Restore And Repair JBCO Smoothie 454g
Fantasia Heat Protect Serum 6oz.
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ECO Styling Gel 8oz.ECO Styling Gel 8oz.
Cantu Shea Butter Natural Creamy Hair Lotion 12oz.
Shea Moisture Coco & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle 12oz.Shea Moisture Coco & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle 12oz.
Shea Moisture Coco & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie 12oz.Shea Moisture Coco & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie 12oz.
Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil Strengthening Curl Revive 240ml.
Keracare Curlessence Moisturizing Healthy Edges 65g.
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges  2.5oz.
Curls Quenched Curls Leave In Moisturizer 240ml
The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Cuticle Control Leave In Lotion 8oz
The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24 Karat Glistening Gold Twisting Gel 354ml
Flora & Curl Hydrate Me Duo Set
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Sold outMr Durag Premium Dreadlocks and Braid Cap
Motions Daily Hairdress 6oz.
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Luster's Pink Oil Sheen 2 in 1 Soother Spray 14oz.
Luster's Pink Holding Spray 14oz.
Luster's Pink Glosser 8oz.
Luster's Pink Conditioner 20oz.
GOT2B Gel Glued Yellow Tube 6oz.
GOT2B Blasting Freeze Spray Glued 12oz.
Fantasia Polisher Styling Foam 8.5oz.
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Fantasia IC Braid Sheen Spray 12oz.
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Cantu Shea Butter Oil Sheen Spray 10oz.
Design Essentials Almond And Avocado Curl Control And Shine Mist 236.5ml.
Stylin Dredz Moisture Splash 12oz.
Stylin Dredz Mouldin Gel Wax Jar 250ml.
Revlon Realistic Strengthening Butter Creme 300ml.
Lottabody Control Me Edge Gel 64g.
Keracare Oil Sheen Spray With Humidity Block 408 ml.
Keracare Oil Moisturizer With Jojoba Oil 240ml.
Creme of Nature Argan Oil  Anti Humidity Shine Mist 4oz.
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Foam Wrap 7oz.
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisturizer 8.45oz.
Save 33%African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Edges 6oz
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Save 17%African Essence 6 in 1 Weave Spray 12oz
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African Essence 6 in 1 Weave Spray 12oz Sale price$5.00 Regular price$6.00
Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Seal It Up Sealing Butter 7.5oz.
Save 33%Africas Best Originals Olive Oil Growth Lotion 12oz
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Sold outTCB Natural Olive Oil Hair & Scalp Conditioner 10oz.
Sold outBTB Luxurious velvet Durag red oneBTB Luxurious velvet Durag red two
Sold outLuster's Pink Design Control Gel 8.5oz.
Sold outCreme Of Nature Pure Honey Silicone Free Lightweight Shine Mist 118ml.
back in stockLottabody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse 7oz.
Sold outCreme of Nature Argan Oil Day & Night Scalp Conditioner.
Aunt Jackie's Curl La La Defining Curl Custard 15oz.
Sold outCreme Of Nature Coconut Milk Essential 7 Treatment Oil 118ml

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