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Article: Nae Who?

Naelle Studio Blog - Who are Naelle?
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Nae Who?


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Naelle | NOUN (NY - ELLE)

Who are Naelle? What is Naelle?

Naelle is in fact your new one stop destination for all things Black Hair, Beauty and otherwise. Curating some of your favourite brands and giving you an alternative experience from what we have perceived as normal. Join the community where you can learn, develop and explore.


Behind the Brand -The Idea 

Naelle was born out of sheer frustration as black women when it comes to buying , hair , beauty and wellness products  suitable for us. Although there is no shortage of afro hair and beauty stores on the planet , if we had to review the shopping experience overall, “we would rate it well below average , extremely overpriced  and a visible lack care or luster to consumers, two and a half stars at best, wouldn’t recommend’.

This is where Co-founder and experienced Fashion and Digital Communications specialist Shamele Cato saw a gap in the market and quickly shared this lightbulb moment with fellow founder Natalie Leonna Royer, (which would be) me, a Creative Director and PR specialist for NL PR.

Already firm friends, we discussed the highs and lows of making simple beauty and hair purchases that appear like a seamless task for others. The gap in the market and where, with both our expertise , flare and keen eye to detail, we could create a luxury wellness and shopping experience within this niche.


The Process 

Towards the end of 2019 we put our best foot forward in research and development to find out what we really wanted and require from our store, the service in purchasing and the overall experience as black men and women.

We created a website with a survey requesting all of this information and then used the data captured to deliver everything you guys said you wanted.

Sleepless nights researching, and reaching out to some of your favourite brands and independent upcoming brands.

@naellestudio Instagram, Facebook and Twitter was born in 2020; time to meet, network and showcase our progress and journey of formation with our consumers and target market.

By the way...nobody ever tells you how tricky packaging is, from the postage bags to the sticky tape!

The wholesaler trips and product descriptions, website building and stock taking, financial forecasting and budgeting. We have done and are doing it all  but every moment is worth it, because are here!

Your black owned black hair and beauty store.


And We're Live !

18 Months of blood, sweat and tears...

Naelle is live and we are ready to serve our local, national and international communities offering you a bespoke and luxury hair and beauty shopping experience.

We want to change the look, the feel and the way that afro hair and beauty stores are perceived.

It has been such an educational experience and has only strengthened our love and passion for our hair, beauty and wellbeing.

We are so grateful for all of the overwhelming support we have received  from the very beginning.

This is just part of a wider campaign, we have many ideas and future plans of evolution and expansion.

Interact with us online:

Instagram: @naellestudio

Facebook: @naelle

Twitter: @naellestudio



Congratulations and well done 👍! 🎉🎉🎉

Alison Gyan-Baffour

Just want to say well done on starting up.

unCOVERED Beauty


Jacqueline M

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